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PainScript: A Personalized Digital Platform for Pain Management, Substance Use Disorder and Chronic Care Management

Clinically Validated

A Proven and Modernized Award-Winning SaaS System + Multidisciplinary, Evidence-Based “Best Practices” = PainScript’s “Winning Formula.


Nine Published Studies in Peer-Reviewed Journals Demonstrate >90% Medication and Care Plan Adherence in Multiple Disease States

Physician Benefits

Physical Medicine Doctors, Chiropractors, SUD Treatment Centers and Psychiatrists will earn more through existing CPT codes, value-based reimbursement, and increased office visits

Telemedicine Market Growth

The Virtual Doctor Is In

“New Hope’s clients are some of the most vulnerable people in our society, especially those on Medication Assisted Treatment. The data we receive from our clients via the PainScript App not only informs and improves our clinical decisions but opens up a robust two-way channel of communication that improves outcomes, reduces suffering, and ultimately saves lives.”

– James D.

The Opioid Crisis:
With an economic cost to the US of $78.5 billion annually, and the loss of life numbers only increasing under COVID, the time is now to offer personalized technology solutions to help physicians, patients, and their families.
PainScript built on the proven and successful Med-eXpert System Scientific Validation – Nine Government Funded Programs Validated Improved Medication and Care Plan Adherence – published in Peer-Reviewed Journals
COVID-19 has caused a massive acceleration in the use of telehealth. Consumer adoption has skyrocketed, from 11 percent of US consumers using telehealth in 2019 to 46 percent of consumers now using telehealth to replace cancelled in-office visits.

Huge Market Need for Better SUD Chronic Care Management (CCM) – 30 million Patients in Treatment for Substance Use Disorder – SAMHSA (2018). Key Substance Use and Mental Health Indicators in the United States: Results from the 2017 National Survey on Drug Use and Health.

What We Do

Achieve Better Health Outcomes

Patients achieve better health outcomes when they are more adherent to prescribed therapy and their physician receives daily health status updates, to rapidly intervene when mission-critical signs of clinical deterioration first emerge.

Personalized Pathway

The PainScript approach allows for direct, daily physician-patient interaction with personalized treatment planning and on-going follow up.

Accessible Care

Your physician is just a “click” away as your daily communication is reviewed and analyzed in real time. Personal messages can be sent and action initiated directly from your mobile phone to your doctor’s office.

Improved Health Outcomes

By focusing on chronic care management, the PainScript system has demonstrated greater adherence to treatment protocols in nine clinical trials published in peer-reviewed medical journals. Better adherence leads to better health outcomes.

Healthcare Cost Reduction

Taking the “right medicine at the right time in the right dose,” combined with daily database interaction and analysis, ensures a higher degree of adherence with prescribed care. This emphasis on chronic care management and improved adherence lowers costs by reducing costly emergency room visits and hospitalizations, by prompting earlier interventions (outside of scheduled appointments), and creates an early warning system for the physician should established protocols need adjusting.

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